Articulating paper

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Articulating paper


For occlusal contacts adjustment


  • It marks like playing        
  • Coloured on both sides        
  • Double Color        
  • With a protective cover    


  • In the format of our friends the Dentalfriends            
  • It marks all that bothers            
  • It shows what remains in different color            
  • Do not let the saliva mess around    


Ref. 561 Articulating paper - Package with 50 sheets

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Perguntas sobre este produto

What is the thickness of the Angie Carbon Paper for Articulation?
The thickness is 100 microns, not interfering with occlusion.


Why does it need to be double-sided and double-colored?
To capture simultaneous records on the upper and lower side (double-sided), and for the second verification, to ensure that the color of the first record is not the same as the other (double-colored).


How is the Angie Carbon Paper for Articulation different from other products in the market?
The playful and fun format of the Dentalfriends, makes the procedure friendlier for the pediatric patient. Furthermore, the paraffin layer over the carbon makes it moisture resistant.